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Shenzhen YUOXO Technology CO.,LTD

Product Category : Health and Beauty >> Massage Therapy and Massager
Product Code : X-800
Product Name : Sleep health device,Sleep massager,Acupoint massager
Product Info : X-800 Eye Beauty Massager

To Beauty eyes, reduce wrinkles and increase elasticity of the skin

Wrinkle is a sign of aging which is most women can not evade, the traditional way is through supplying the nutritional ingredients, or eliminating wrinkles by operation. Although can be improved, it can not solve the problem fundamentally. Skin around eyes is the site of the most fragile. Its cuticle is thinner than other part of skins. Rotation of the eyeballs and 700or800-blinks of eyes movement everyday, which is moving more several times than other part of skins. Therefore, if there is no proper maintenance, it will quietly exposure your age; The mainly result of eyes wrinkles is that the dermis layer of elastic fibers was damaged, the collagen protein was lostㄛand cells biological strand was broken.

When the baby skin is maintained the most abundant moisture, cells is the most exuberant of the period and it is unaffected by external environment. However, with serious air pollution, work pressure and age passing, the human collagen will gradually loss which will damage the elastic fiber, eyes began to have wrinkles and dark circles. And losing the youth element can make coenzyme and the collagen synthesized and becoming slower or even halt, elastic fiber damage caused eye wrinkles, dark circles increasingly obvious.

If you want to have beautiful health skin, the daily care is particular important. Now, new Yuoxo x-800 eye beauty massager breakthrough the old way to eliminate wrinkle. The eye beauty massager to use 16piece 8mm natural magnet for formula, built-in Yuoxo IC smart chip technology, to impose the 10Hz and 100Hz electrical pulse around eyes, promotes skins continued protein synthesis, at the same time transporting natural energy to cells, which can promote the depleted energy of the skin cells and regain vitality, restore flexibility, speed up the metabolism and skin microcirculation, repair elastic support structure, and promote the secretion of coenzyme, to increase the collagen and elastic fibers, the new cells rapidly grow, and then wrinkles will be gradually flattened, which be extended from inside to outside, disappearing , diluting dark circles, and repairing 90 days will return you a baby-like skin soft state of your eyes.

To improve vision, eliminate eye fatigue and improve sleep quality

The eyes are the window of soul, as people are on-line for a long time and stay up late, will always feel eyes pain, or see something at a long time in low light, which lead eyes fatigued and have pseudo myopia, if stay in the state of fatigue for a long time, it will ultimately lead to the formation of myopia.

X-800 Eye Beauty Massager according to Chinese meridian theory and ergonomic design, through 16piece 8mm natural magnet to massage eyes point, stimulates and exercises the optic nerve cells and vertebral, mitigates eyes muscle fatigue, and alleviates eyes the long dry and pain,dredges eyes neural and reconciles blood cycle,improvement and the prevention of myopia, enhanced vision, to prevent axial stretching deformation, inhibiting myopia. Yuoxo Technology integration of the world's leading smart IC chip technology, can effectively eliminate the eye fatigue, promote blood circulation and enhance cell metabolism eyes and brain to relax fully, sleepness and insomnia have very good effect.Improving and preventing the myopia and enhancing vision can prevent axial deformation or elongated, and inhibit myopia deepen. Products used optical-modeling,when people wear it, they will feel comfortable,the feature is simple, stylish appearance, beautiful color. Nine kinds of massage methods at conditioning, automatic timing control, and ocular eye can fully relax, which can reduce intraocular pressure, and eliminate swelling, pain, dry and blurred vision caused by eyestrain. That will be the excellent health defender for your eyes, and also is the fashion gifts and promotional items to the relatives and friend.

X-800 Eye Beauty Massager comprehensive function
1, 2.0 digital stereo speakers;
2, The prevention of myopia, the eye of beauty;
3, Eliminate eye fatigue, improve sleep quality;
4, Effectively eliminate the pigmentation around the eyes;
5, Remarkable elimination or improvement corner of the eye wrinkles;
6, Can reduce forehead wrinkles and enhance skin elasticity;
7, Effective to alleviate dry eyes, restores an eye elasticity;
8, Remarkable elimination or improvement eye bag, black eye socket, dropsy;
9, Preventing and controlling computer ophthalmopathy, the inhibitory nerve feeble and loses sleep;
10, The natural energy health care magnet has overcomes one's fears calms the nerves, the clever ear clear vision, regards the thing dim-sighted, has a dizzy spell and so on the effects.

Eye health care is a major key to life. Use the Yuoxo Eye Beauty Massager can good take care of your eyes, enjoy the gentle Eye SPA to help you to restore the vitality of the eyes.

Through the eyes of the acupoint massage, and the release of an effective resolution of the day with eye fatigue, and 16 piece natural health magnet, can accelerate the skin's metabolism and microcirculation, so that you return to the eye skin soft baby-like state.

Hence say goodbye to tired eyes and hello to refreshed beautiful eyes!

Yuoxo Eye Beauty Massager use Yuoxo Technology intelligent IC smart chip technology, use 9 kinds of different massage methods, vibration massage targets vital acipressure points around your eyes to help relieve headaches, insomnia, eye bags, dark rings and fatigue.

The Yuoxo Eye Beauty Massager's special magnetic nodes act to further improve circulation around the eyes to relieve strain and fatigue. Magnetic energy through the natural health Yuoxo Technology IC smart chip and magnetic field electric pulse generator, products issued by intermittent oscillation will produce intermittent pulse, this electrical pulse will be communicated to the natural energy health magnet, can give rise to various forms of pulsed magnetic field. Pulsed magnetic field is characterized by intermittent emergence of magnetic field, magnetic field changes in frequency, waveform and the peak will be different in accordance with changes in oscillation.

Built-in 2.0 high-fidelity stereo speakers, as well let you take care and beauty eyes as easy to enjoy beautiful music.

Contact Information
Company :   Shenzhen YUOXO Technology CO.,LTD
Business Type :   Manufacturer
Address :   RoomA-9D,ZhongGuanXijun Building,Xili Town,Nanshan District,Shenzhen,CN
City & Country :   Shenzhen , China
Tel No. :   86-0755-82677277
Fax no. :   86-0755-82677511
Website :   http://www.43549.tradebig.com
Contact Person :   Miss Liu
e-Mail :   Click here to contact us

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