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Henan Zhengzhou Ming Machinery Co.,Ltd

Product Category : Industrial Supplies >> Daily Products Machinery
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Product Name : Energy-saving ball mill state of motion
Product Info : In the course of the ball mill, ball play major role in crushing the material, the efficiency of ball mill with steel balls not only the quantity, but also on the movement and status of the ball.

When the energy-saving ball mill operating at the required speed, energy-saving ball mill media together with the ore, the effect of centrifugal force and friction was promoted to a certain height, due to energy-saving ball mill and gravity from the tube wall along the parabolic trajectory whereabouts. Then, they are also upgrading certain height, then they fall along the parabolic trajectory, again and again, to make energy-saving ball mill in the media between the role of the ore is crushed by the impact. Meanwhile, the media from the next energy-saving ball mill rolling and sliding, so that the pressure and grinding of ore by the role of grated peel.

Energy-saving ball mill cylinder speed directly determines the size of the body's state of motion of grinding media and the effect of grinding operations. When the speed is small, all raise the height of the ball bearing is smaller, only upward deflection angle, in which each ball is rotating around its own axis. When the tilt angle of the ball over Temple in the ball bearing steel ball on the surface angle of repose from the time when the ball is rolling down along the slope. , Ball-like meaning of this movement is called diarrhea down. Diarrhea-type state in the fall of the ball mill work, Jane, mineral aggregate by grinding in a ball stripping major role if the role of small red, so the grinding efficiency is not high.

If the ball mill speed is high enough, the ball side rotation with the cylinder wall while the curve for the circular movement of soil up to a certain height, then have to make parabolic whereabouts. This state is called into the falling movement style, as shown in Figure 6-20b. Work into the falling-type dogs in the state of the mill, mine material movement in the area round the curve of the grinding balls by stripping role in the ball fall where mine material by falling ball impact and strong rolling of the ball's grinding stripping. Such is also the state power, matte Huan rate rubbish Bureau. When the energy-saving ball mill speed exceeds a certain limit, the material is also running along with the cylinder, neither the role of the impact of steel ball, grinding stripping effect is also weak, the grinding effect is almost stopped.

According to the size and nature of ball mill, to a reasonable number of balls and add state of motion. Ball mill to ensure efficient production.
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Company :   Henan Zhengzhou Ming Machinery Co.,Ltd
Business Type :   Manufacturer
Address :   Xingyang of Zhengzhou City of Henan Province
City & Country :   Zhengzhou , China
Tel No. :   86-371-86079588
Fax no. :   86-0371-86079188
Website :   http://www.81006.tradebig.com
Contact Person :   henan zhengkuang
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